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Boost Children’s Chances of Doing Well in School by Keeping Books at Home

Did you know that the more books you include in your home library, the greater determination your child will have to do better at school? It was recently claimed that parents can improve their children’s school results by simply providing them with regular access to books. This claim basically contradicts the belief according to which only highly-educated parents with a successful career can influence their kids to become better in school.

Studies show that books can improve kids’ interest in school

Researchers from the Nevada University have reached this conclusion after having conducted a study meant to respond to a large number of people who stated that they were concerned about the fact that schools no longer put emphasis on reading. It’s not a secret that teachers are currently being required to forget about books and use basic worksheets to teach in class. This method is seen as the easiest way of boosting children’s performance when it comes to literacy tests.

According to Michael Rosen, the previous Children’s Laureate, most pupils go through their school years without reading a single novel. However, latest studies have shown that providing your home with a large number of books can be a great method of remarkably boosting your children’s chances to finish their studies.

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Books that might catch your child’s interest

As far the actual books are concerned, it’s important to have age-appropriate types; starting with basics like “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and “Tom Sawyer” to more advanced books that are equally interesting like “Harry Potter” for example, you as the parent should really get involved in the process if you want to motivate your child to have a bright academic future.

Literatures is not the only domain recommended as kids are interested in all sorts of subjects when they’re young such as astronomy, history, geography, and more. Dictionaries and encyclopedias with photos are extremely advised too. Kids are fond of the visual arts and if they see something that appeals to their eyes, they might also become interested in the content.

Results and expectations

Sociologists have actually risen the question of what investments should society make to help pupils boost their chances of achieving success. Believe it or not, the answer is simpler than you have ever imagined. According to the results provided by the above mentioned study, making books available in your home can be a very inexpensive way of helping your children succeed.

One of the studies analyzed over 70,000 subjects coming from over 27 countries, in an attempt to establish how important family circumstances are when it comes to educational chances. The results of the study showed that a 500-book library can actually increase a child’s chances to do better in school. In other words, all you have to do is make sure that your household features a scholarly appearance. Researchers seem to agree that literature is very important and that having some books in your living room can actually have a very profound effect on your children, regardless of your social class and occupation.

A couple of reference books and novels placed in your library will encourage your kid to follow a form of superior education after graduating college. In other words, the money you spend on a book is a trifle compared to the amount of money that your children will get to earn. This report was published in the popular journal called “Research in Social Stratification and Mobility”, and showcased that owning 200 books are enough. However, the importance of these books is different from a country to another. For instance, having more than 500 books in your home can add at least six years of education in China, but only two years in the United States.

Are you fully committed to your child’s education? Do you want to make sure he gets in a good and succeeds in life? Then it’s extremely important to help him want to read books from an early age. Start reading books together before bedtime and place a lot of good books around the house, in his bedroom, and in the study. At some point you’ll manage to spice his curiosity and step by step he will start reading them on his own.

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