College Calculators and School Info:

* Consumer Financial Protection Bureau college calculator. This site contains a database of US colleges and their total cost (tuition, room and board). You can add your own details like scholarships, grants, federal and private loans, military tuition assistance and GI Bill info for different schools and the results will show your approximate monthly cost to cover your borrowing expenses.

* College Navigator: find colleges within any states, within a specific distance and by level of award. Information for each college includes tuition, fees, student expenses, financial aid, net price, enrollment, admissions, retention and graduation rates, programs and majors, varsity athletic teams, campus security, Cohort default rates. There are also links to the colleges’ net price calculators.

* Find colleges with highest and lowest tuition, and cost for career and vocational programs at

* Check a postsecondary school’s accreditation at the US Department of Education site at



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