Guest Posts

Your article can be about any education related topic, but make sure it meets the following guidelines:

Only send original articles that have not been published elsewhere.

Search our site before writing your article: if the topic you’re planning to write about has already been covered, choose a different one, or write about the same topic from a different angle.

We only accept articles that are useful to high school or college students and their parents, and/or educators.

– We will not accept articles with a sales pitch.

Tutorial type articles for a popular service are OK. Please note that if you write a tutorial type article, it needs to be for a service that’s already quite well established or well known such as Twitter for example.

– Include links to resources like news articles, statistics etc. Feel free to use examples to clarify your points.

Focus on just ONE topic – no general fluff articles. Keep in mind that your article needs to be useful to our readers.

– Use at least two sub-headers. At least one sub-header needs to include your main keyword phrase/topic.

You may add one link to your site in the second half of your article if needed.

Minimum length is 700.

Break up your article with sub-headers.

Check for grammatical and spelling errors.

Our formatting will likely be different from yours. Only use paragraphs, sub-headers and/or lists.

Add a short profile at the bottom of your article with your link. Feel free to also add a social media link to your profile.

Your site needs to have a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

We would love a shout-out or link! Being linked to from one of your blog posts makes us happy and will be very much appreciated! Pick any article on our site to link to. Thank you!

If you’re interested in writing a guest post, please contact us here.